Pleasure Craft Operator Card

What is a Pleasure Craft Operator Card

    The Pleasure Craft Operator Card is the most accepted proof of competency to operate a powered pleasure craft. The card is obtained by getting a passing grade on a Coast Guard accredited Operator Proficiency Exam. The card is made of durable PVC plastic and is valid for life; there are no annual fees !

Who must get the Card and What are the Deadlines ?

    Under Canada's Competency of Pleasure Craft Operators regulations, the following operators must carry proof of competency when operating a powered pleasure craft in Canada:

any operator born after April 1, 1983; and

all operators (regardless of age) of powered recreational vessels less than 4 metres (13 ft) in length. By September 15, 2009, all operators of all powered pleasure craft will have to carry proof of competency.

    An operator is the person in charge of a vessel. Failure to carry proof of competency carries a fine of $250. Proof of Competency can take any of three forms:

Proof of having taken a boating safety course prior to April 1, 1999;

A Pleasure Craft Operator Card from a Canadian Coast Guard accredited course provider such as ; or

A completed rental safety checklist (for power-driven rental boats).

What is an Operator Proficiency Exam ?

    You can obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card by earning a mark of at least 75% on a Canadian Coast Guard accredited Operator Proficiency Exam. The exam tests your understanding of 149 knowledge areas required by the Canadian Coast Guard. An Operator Proficiency Exam contains 36 questions drawn at random from the 149 knowledge areas. These exams are offered by course providers, such, who have been accredited by the Canadian Coast Guard. You can write your exam at any one of 150 testing centers across Canada. Our testing centers are well located, open all year round, and possess one or more quiet classrooms where you can write your exam undisturbed. The fee to write the exam at one of our testing centers is $30. When you the exam, you will be issued a temporary operator card immediately. Your permanent Pleasure Craft Operator Card will be forwarded by first class mail. The $30 fee pays for the exam, the temporary card, and the permanent Pleasure Craft Operator Card; there are no other fees.

What is the Total cost if I get my card through a Representative ?

    The total cost is $30; which covers everything (taxes, postage and handling, operator exam, temporary card, and official Coast Guard operator card). Note: Some course providers charge an additional $15 and more to provide someone to supervise your exam plus an additional user fee when you access the exam at a Community Access Centre. We, however, provide supervisors free of charge through our network of more than 125 testing centers. There are no hidden extra charges. The total cost to get the official Pleasure Craft Operator Card from is always $30, regardless of whether you elect to write your exam online, by correspondence, or at one of our testing centers.